01 Petruccelli, the official portrait aged 14.
02 Night Class at Clay Modelling at Greenwich House. Petruccelli to the right of the immediate foreground.

03 Mrs.White's class at Greenwich House. Petruccelli centre at the easle facing right
"On the recommendation of my grammar school principal I attended classes in drawing and painting at Greenwich Settlement House in Greenwich village NYC where I lived. This was in 1919 when I was twelve. Mrs. Mary Mcrae White was our art teacher, and I hope you will not mind a small tribute to her. She was a Scotswoman from Aberdeen, but lived mostly in England. She virtually adopted five of her Greenwich House students, three other boys and one girl... During her protracted stays in New York, she always managed to inveigle free admission for us at art schools where she taught. We shared her own studio, making small contributions towards models. She aroused our lacking interest in books and music, joined in weekend outings, where we sketched, talked art and collected odd plants.... I have all her letters and intend to re-read them. She died at 80. I still feel her presence." letter to CM November 1984.

04 the Mount Tabor studio 1985.

05 "Early in our correspondence, Tony sent me a swatch of his pyjama patterns. Only when I got to Mount Tabor did I see the amazing fabric designs he produced in the early 1930's with scenes of urban construction and other city scenes." CM June 1996

"In between [various art classes] I attended NY Textile High School for three years. I was allowed special privileges, to the detriment of other studies. A predilection for pattern was to be expected and it crops up in much of my work. Toby Tyler, my future wife, was a postgraduate student in the same department.

From 1925 to 1931, I was employed by Cheney Bros. in silk design. Toby was there too, and Federated Textiles in cotton (again, Toby). At the latter, after a stint in dress goods, I transferred to pyjama goods, where I did hundreds of stripe designs, till my outlook became figuratively vertical."