Rodney W. Shirley,


The Mapping of the World,

Early Printed Maps 1472 - 1700


New Holland,


1993 [1984]

Preface to the 1993 edition

Corrigenda and Adenda

Preface to the 1984 edition

Foreord by Heln Wallis


Selected References

Key to Abbreviations

Carto-Bibliography 1472 - 1700 (628 pp.)


Ptolemaic World Maps

Italian World Maps of the Sixteenth Century

Some reduced size (miniature) world maps

Relationsips of the Families, Goos, Bertius, Keere, Hondius and Jansson



Chronological Listing and Rarity Index

Lost or Apocryphal World Maps

Lesser know Map makers

Life Spans of the main cartographers

Chronology of Discovery


Although the standard of reproduction is not good, a fascinating and comprehensive encyclopaedia with lots of ddetails, lists and ideas.