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Islands of Gold and Silver

Celestial navigation comes of age

The Garden Islands - Los Jardines

The Fake Island of Capt.Benjamin Morrell

Captain Morrell Unmasked

Two dangers off California

Wilkes and Whalers in the Equatorial Pacific

Discovery by Premonition: Kingman Reef and Fanning Island

American Polynesia

Captain John DeGreaves's Lost Island

Tuanahe, the Inhabited Island that sank

The Islomane who met a grisly end

Real islands that go up and down

Icy Islands of the Southern Pacific

The Well Explored North Atlantic

Who owns the Auroras ?

Three to One: Bouvet Island

We discover our own lost island (1980)

Do Satellites settle the Hash ?

The 1875 revision of the Admiralty Pacific Chart

The 1808 Admiralty Chart of the South Atlantic

The Admiralty Chart of the Indian Ocean


Jeremiah Reynolds's 1828 List