Christopher Walker (ed)

Astronomy before the telescope,

British Museum Press,

London 1996

Patrick Moore, Foreword

Clive Ruggles, Archaeastronomy in Europe

Ronald Wells, Astronomy in Egypt

John Britton and Christopher Walker, Astronomy and Astrology in Mesopotamia

G.J.Toomer, Ptolemy and his Greek Predecessors

T.W.Potter, Astronomy in Etruria and Rome

A;Alexander Jones, Later Greek and Byzantine Astronomy

J.V.Field, European Astronomy in the First Millennium; the archaeological record

David Pingree, Astronomy in India

David A.King, Islamic Astronomy

Olaf Pedersen, European Astronomy in the Middle Ages

N.M.Swerdlow, Astronomy in the Renaissance

G.L'E Turner, Later Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Colin Ronan, Astronomy in China, Korea and Japan

Anthony Aveni, Astronomy in the Americas

Brian Warner, Traditional Astronomic Knowledge in Africa

Wayne Orchison, Australian Aboriginal, Polynesian and Maori Astronomy

F.Richardson Stephenson, Modern Uses of Ancient Astronomy