Deborah Manley and Pamela Cotterill,

Maps and map games,

Piccolo Books, 1976.

chapter 1 Making Some Maps of your own

What is a map ? Making a map of things on a table.

A map of your room. A map of your house and garden.

A map of your neighbourhood. Which is which ?

Plans and maps. Giving directions.


chapter 2 How big is it ? How far is it ?

Scale. How far is it ? Different scales. Representative Fraction.

How to use a scale. How far is it on the ground ?

More measuring. Drawing your own map to scale.

How long is a kilometre ?



chapter 3 Landmarks on maps

Map symbols. Guess the meaning. What did they see ?

The make-a-map game. Battlefield. Country Walk.


chapter 4 Hills on Paper

Layer-tinting. Layer tint this map.

How the problem was solved, contours.

Make your own contour map. Contour lines on a map.

Some interesting hill shapes. Spot-heights. Test yourself.

Making a contour model. Gradients.


chapter 5 Walking with a Map

Getting ready. Preparing your feet. The right clothes.

Making a map board. Some good rules. The Country Code.

To the hills. The Mountain Safety Code. A night on the mountain.

A day in the mountains. Some questions.



chapter 6 Which way is it ? Where are you ?

Orienting the map. Orientate this map.

If you don't know where you are on this map. The compass points.

Find the wild crested dragon. Let's go home. True north.

To find north by your watch. The second north. Magnetic north.

The compass. Using a compass during a walk. Facing the bearing.

Find the coin. The third north and the national grid.

Finding a place on the national grid. Romer scales. A grid game.

Which was is it ? Using a compass and map. Try it yourself.

Other ways of getting your bearings. Observation.

Crossword Quiz.



chapter 7 Orienteering: finding your way with map and compass

Imagine your way. Orienteering as a sport.

An indoor orienteering game. An outdoor orienteering game.

Cross-country orienteering. Another adventure.

For further information. Crossword no.2


chapter 8 Going on a journey.

Road maps. Planning your route. Journey record.

Guessing distance. How long is a mile ? Country of origin.

County of origin. The map-symbol game.



Chapter 9 What else do maps tell us ?

Compare these maps. Maps of streets and towns.

History through maps. The development of your town.

Street names> One way streets. What happens in these buildings ?

Maps of open spaces. A map of farm crops. Links with the world.

Where do the contents of your larder come from ?



Chapter 10 More ways to use your map-reading skills

Some useful organisations.

How to become a professional map-maker.

Map Quiz.