The World Encompassed.

The first European maritime empires c.800 - 1650.

Methuen, London and New York,





chapter 1

The Norse

'The Seas their Land'

The Norse Impact

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chapter 2

The Hanse

The German east

An empire of trade

The Hanseatic legacy

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chapter 3 The Venetian Republic

The most triumphant city

The east in fee

Prolonged recessional

A new hegemony

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chapter 4 The Genoese Republic

A Genoese Age

A microcosm of empire


Imperial imprint

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chapter 5 Portugal

The empire of India

The Atlantic and Africa

Motives and methods

Birth and Death of a new age

A chronicle of disaster

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chapter 6 Spain

Hispana Victrix

Spain in America

Masters and Slaves

The roots of empire

The practice of empire

Spaniard and Indian

From Cortes to Quixote

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chapter 7 Holland

Dominion of the Seas

Private profit and public good

The business of empire in Asia

The rise and fall of the West India company

'Oracles of commerce'

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chapter 8 France

Promise unfilled

Frenchmen and redskins in Canada

A non-imperial state

The Noble Savage and Indian rights

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Chapter 9 England

Armed and Aggressive beginnings

Routes to the east and the rise of the East India Company

Pioneer and planter in America and the West Indies

New commercial horizons; old intellectual boundaries