A.H.Robinson, R.D.Sale,

Elements of Cartography,

Wiley, New York, London,

1969, 3rd edition, [1953]



1. The Art and Science of Cartography.

2. The Earth, Coordinate Systems, and Scale.

3. Compilation and Generalisation.

4. Compilation from Air Photography.

5. Symbolising and Processing Data.

6. Mapping Point and Linear Data.

7. Mapping Area and Volume Data.

8. Mapping the Landform.

9.Fundamentals of Map Projection.

10.The Employment of Map Projections.

11. Cartographic Design.

12. Cartographic Typography and Lettering.

13. Map Reproduction.

14. Map Construction.



A Common Logarithms

B Natural trigonometric Functions

C. Squares, Cuber and Roots.

D. Geographical Tables.

E. Table for Estimating Values of Fractional Areas.

F. Radius Index Values for Graduated Circles.

G. Directions for the Construction of Projections.

H. Proof of Tissot's Law of Deformation.


General references

Historical Background

The Cartographic Method

Coordinate Systems, Scale ands Measurement

Photointerpretation and Photogrammetry



Symbolization of data

Statistics and Cartography


Representation of Landform

Map Projections



Map reproduction and Construction

Government Publications.