Walter Trier


more covers by Trier for LILLIPUT magazine.

Graphis article 1949 on Trier's covers

Graphis article 1952 on his last work

Emil and the Detectives 1931

Lilliput was started before 1939 by Stefant Lorant and others, as a pocket size publication with a radical anti-Nazi platform. Its photographs and art work were emphasised rather than fiction and poetry. Its features were often excitingly designed. As it contained some winsome images of nude women, it was suitable for quick concealment by men on sentry duties during the War. Of particular interest are the photo-essays by Bill Brandt for the magazine.

Walter Trier had settled in Britain after a career in the graphic arts in Berlin. He had worked for Simplicissimus and as a map and stage designer. His bright colourful covers were a popular feature of the magazine (see Graphis No.22 1948). He died in Canada in 1951

Walter Trier is probably best know for his stylish and very simple black and white illustrations to Erich Kaestner's books for children. Emil appeared as an illustrated text on several occasions - the first English edition was in 1931, about the same time as the German First. I also like that version by SAX published in London by the Heirloom Library c1955.
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Lilliput covers - an illustration to Emile and the Detectives

an illustration to Trier's illustrated Brer Rabbit , c1950, 15 x20cms Puffin Picture Book