01 02 two Images of Death from The Shepherd's Calendar, published by Nicholas Le Rouge, Troyes, c1495. Death presides over Astrologic statements and a section on Vice and Virtue, the Dead Walk: 9 x 14cms.
03 T.Carey, The Mirrour which flatters Not , 1639, and translated from the French.

04 In William Robinson's sale catalogue of 1950, item 33 was a Dance of Death from France/ Flanders from the fifteenth century, 27 leaves on vellum. The author was Aime de Montgesoie. In the catalogue the entry states that "As far as we are aware this is the only instance in Dance of Death literature where death is represented by a Woman."
05 The Funeral Notice for Isaac Watts, the cleric and writer of hymns, 1748, and illustrated in Realms of Childhood, Schiller Book Catalogue, New York,
06 Hans Wechtlin, Skull in an Ornamental Frame , c1510-1511, colour woodcut 27 x 82 cms.

07 The Triumph of Death, from Zatta's edition printed in Venice in 1756; designed by Crivellari and engraved by Gaetano Zompini





Dryander, Anatomiae... 1537

Richter conception of Death's visit