01 Punch titlepage to Vol,17, 1849. Punch as a terrifying vision of Father Time, not the Great Benevolent we will see after 1860.

02 Linley Sambourne's drawing for the almanac page greeting for 1895.

03 E.M.Shepherd's biography of a tennis champion, Punch May 23rd 1927, 17 x 24.

04 PUNCH was obsessed over the sixty year period c1840 to 1920, with the passing of the old ways and the emergence of generally unwelcome modern dvelopments - usually mechanical. Here the representative of Hunting (and the days of Old Jorrocks) is fast overtaken by the terror of the Railways, c1842, clearly personified as Father Time.

05 Tenniel's vision of the New Year as a Pantomime Devil, 1865. The drawing suggests however he is already on stage. To write 1865 seems a confession of failure, or rather obscurity unresolved.

06 Harry Furniss, illustration of the maxim, "Coming Events cast their shadows before" for Punch Vol January 2nd 1892, p.10 measuring 17 x 23 cms. A phlegmatic and unusually muscled Father Time surrounded by silhouetted incidents, involving Punch's enemies, Socialism, the London County Council and the possibility of industrial unrest. At the tip of the scythe, German soldiers, Turks and others toy with a bomb marked WAR. Furniss' strong points did not include figure drawing.