01 General Motors Electro-Motive Division comparing travelling styles in 1910 and 1950. 24 x26cms

02 Advert for Coca Cola, Through 65 years, January 1957 23 x 24 cms.

03 Arthur Wragg, illustration to Jesus Wept , Selwyn and Blount London undated 1934. Wragg contrasts the preponderence of dark over the Old Year, with the pale light that illuminates the New Year. Compare the hands -the white contrasting with the black of the Old. The Old Year obscures the year, while the New is in the forefront, with the number of the year well to the fore. The Old presents a reflective glance, the New gazing on the prospect of the New.

05 William Gropper, The Harvest of War, cartoon, The Jewish Tribune , October 7th. 1914 and 1927.

04 America Fore Insurance Group , advert march 1953, and one of the more terrifying visions in advertising imagery - the massed ranks of insurance salesmen. Their area occupied bears an uncanny resemblance to the USA itself - and they seem to be rushing, lemming-like, off the peninsula of Florida into the Caribbean. 22 x 24cms