The Moment before

TOP LEFT - the Magazine Publishers of America stiffening the Home Front - c.1943 21 x 22 cms

TOP RIGHT - Jan Sadeler's engraving after after Dirk Barendsz, Mankind awaiting the Last Judgment an elegant banquet proceeds while outside a battle and signs of imminent collapse of civilisation pre-figure the Deluge and the Last Judgment.


BOTTOM LEFT Rembrandt's etching The Fall of Man ,11 x 16cms. Eve is about to give the Apple to Adam who warns of Divine Retribution.

BOTTOM RIGHT Tenniel's drawing for PUNCH December 23rd 1871 p.263, and a candidate for Cliche of the Hour, to depict Britannia fretfully waiting the medical bulletins on the Prince of wales. Facing this stilted and banal image is the poem, Queen, People and Princess, once more peddling the myth of the Moment of National Unity.
Still - SUSPENSE it is called.


SUDDENLY RELIABILITY IS AN EXCITEMENT WORD (School Bus on the level Crossing) SPS 1959