Advertisements in magazines sometimes paralleled the standards of drawing and the ambitions of the editorial matter. Here are a few choice examples with some stylistic references to the main editorial section.

Grey's Cigarettes Big Things of the World, British Aerial Supremacy

Grey's Cigarettes Anticipations No 4

Mackintosh's Toffee-de-Luxe Good Things of Life

Machkintosh's Toffee-de-luxe Toffee Town (Heath Robinson)

Turnwright's Toffee De-Light "I simply dote on it"

TWINK Dyes in Eighteen Beautiful Shades

Caley's Crackers, They All Crack and Contain the Best Fillings

LUX won't shrink woollens

LUX for Garden Party Frocks

LUX lingerie fresh and fragrant

OMO bleacher cleanser purifier

Wright's Coal Tar Soap Soothes protects Heals


Twink of course shifted its meaning, much to the delight of my gay friends.