Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
01 and 02 The All Highest Goes to Jersusalem Stanley Paul London trans. Frank Alvah Dearborn 1918 reprint from Le Rire c1898 single page size 12 x 18cms. The book was reprinted in the UK after the recapture of Jerusalem by British forces in 1918. The book tries to show the pre-War diplomatic wooing of the Sultan of Turkey and powerful people in the Holy Land. The cover is by a British artist anon., and satirises intent, incompetence and the many uniforms the Kaiser wore on the trip. The illustrator of the diary is anonymous, but may be the original cartoonist on the staff of Le Rire.
03 From Daily Mirror Reflections for 1916 , published by Pictorial Newspaper Co., Ltd., 1916, each page measuring 16 x 21 cms. W.K.Hasleden shows the Kaiser and his Son become Whirling Dervishes to attract Turkish support during the War.  
04 The Struwwelpeter Alphabet, a Portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm as Struwwelpeter,
Grant Richards, London 1900, 27 x 22 cms