THE PIE November 1951 16 x 24cms, and an advert for York Refrigeration. The problem is to draw the hanging aroma as it if it were not an appendage to a face, nor a wisp of visible marsh gas. I do not think this illustrator has avoided these dangers with any great conviction.

COFFEE one of the massive campaign on behalf of the Pan-American Coffee Bureau. Here December 1950 - and a very half-hearted wisp of pungency it is too. 17 x 24cms.

FALSE TEETH, March 1948

HEINZ March 1946 8 x 14cms


DIAGRAM, ODOURS OF SCENT TRANPOSED INTO MUSICAL SCALES from Margaret Costa. The Story of Scent, Contact Books 1948

Monsanto, Smells that Sell 1947
FAB, the smell of clean linen 1947