John Parkinson , Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris, London 1629 - this is a famous early book on horticulture and also made celebrated Parkinson's own garden in Long Acre which provided many of the observations and suggestions in the book. He was apothecary to James I and died in 1650.

"The Expulsion from the Garden", from Edward Burne-Jones, The Beginnings of the World, Chiswick Press 1902. The drawings were originally intended for an edition of a Biblia Innocentium abandoned after Morris death in 1896. The wilderness outside the garden walls, and the sense of loss is at the heart of much garden design.
Hanes Fig Leaf briefs , advert dated June 1950 (detail) 24 x 30cms
A map of the Garden of Eden from The Gentleman's Magazine , frontispiece 1736.


Salomon, The Fall of Eve, 16th Century woodcut

Sullivant, The First Sad Parting 1920

Les Grandes Heures, Paris 1490

German Bible Nurnberg 1483, Paradise Garden

Bergomensis, Expulsion from the Garden 1513

J.Ridinger, Of Paradise Augsburg c1740

A German Bible. Wittenburg 1561, H.Brosamer

The Holy Bible, London 1609

Collaert, The Ages of the World c1560

Jacob Mathau, Adam and Eve, engraving, date unknown

Hans Sebald Beham, Adam and Eve, 1543

John Martin, Adam and Eve, mezzotint 1827

Adam and Eve in Paradise, Supplementum Chronicarum, Venice 1492

Michael Wolgemut's woodcut of Paradise Garden from Fridolin's Schatzbehalter (Shrine of True Riches) 1491