The Lion of Belfort, a monument created by Bartholdi to the people of the town who defied the Prussian siege and bombardment of 1870-1.

The Figure of Truth from the Tuileries Gardens by Cavelier.

Lille, Monument Pasteur, a careless Mother rescues her roving Child from the challenge of a sculptural ascent on the great scientist. Pasteur chides her for such carelessness. Other children wait in line for the opportunity.By Cordonnier, erected in 1899

Abbeville, Amiral Courbet memorial. A turbulent sculptural piece commemorating a French commander of its imperial adventures born in Abbeville in 1823 and who died in 1885.

Tregastel, Le Pere Eternel, another masterpiece of French sculptural crudity, installed at the behest of the local clergyman and today seen without the accompanying driftwood. Despite the impression given by this card. the figure is over life size and is sited on whale-like Tregastel rocks looking out to sea.

Arles, Frederic Mistral, a statue of the raffish poet who is associated with the lexicography of the Occitan language, and a life long friend of Daudet.  He won the 1904 Nobel prize for Literature, n award somewhat reflected by his raffish stance and garish persona.He died in 1914.

Boulognes, Frederic Sauvage,a monument to the engineer, inventor of the helix spiral. The statue by Lafrance was inaugurated in 1881.

Montargis Mirabeau
Tours, Balzac
La Foret de Fouesnant, Calvary
Calais, Monument de Cavet
Monaco. Palais de Prince
Cannes, Casino Municipal, Edward VII
Callais, Monuments des Morts (Moreau-Vauthier and Parenty)
Callais, Burgers of Calais
Paris, Pantheon, monument to J-J Rousseau
Paris, Luxembourg Palace, Sculpture Room
Valenciennes, Monument to Froissart
Sorbonne, Statue of Richlieu by Lefevre
Carnac, Petit Menec Alignment
Carnac Alignment
Greville, Statue to J.F.Millet, painter
Callais, monument to the Victims of the Pluviose