Zeebrugge, entrance to the Mole
Blankenberghe, La Digue de mer et le Casino
Blankenberghe Casino
Ostende, New bathing Arrangements
Coq sur Mer, Hotel Littoral
Blankenberghe Beach and Pier
Blankenberghe Grand Hotel and Casino
Ostende, Chalet du Roi
Namur, Harbour scene


Monument to the Van Eycks, Ghent by Gebroeders, unveiled in 1913 St.Bavo Cathedral behind. In so many of these public celebrations of worthies, it often appears that the principals are pestered by hordes of people wanting to sell them things. The Van Eycks however are not at all mindful to buy.

The town also possesses a Van Eyck Swimming Pool to commemorate the Brothers' remarkable feats when, dressed in gaudy oilskin briefs, they set new standards in Synchronised Diving. In Gebroeders' chalk sketches for the monument, the imprint of the briefs beneath the robes can be clearly seen.The historical existence of Hubert relies solely on the impossibility of a single person Synchronised Diving Team.


Monument de la Reconnaissance Britannique Brussels. An ominous slab commissioned from Charles Sargeant Jagger by the British War Graves Commission and unveiled by the then Prince of Wales in 1923. Aiming at the solidity and simplicity of Epstein's Oscar Wilde Tomb, it nevertheless has all the grace of a soft drinks dispenser ("from Chocolate to Cherry Aid...") Significantly, Jagger shows up best with the depiction of waterbottles (see also his UK Memorials, Paddington and elsewhere). His stone greatcoats are always uniformly excellent in ways Rene Magritte would have understood.