01 Paul Woodroffe, Ye Second Book of Nursery Rhymes , George Allen London c1902, detail measuring 10 x 16 cms

02 the first printed musical notes; Jean Charlier de Gerson, Collectorium Super Magnifica , Esslingen 1473 - 7.

03 a manuscript score with vicious cancellation by Massanet. see also Hatching - cancellation .


01  Wenssler and Kilchen, Basel Gradual , 1488, reproduced from BIBLIOGRAPHICA part IX c.1896.

02 the first music printed in England, from Higden's Polychronicon , Wynken de Worde's edition, London 1495. This image gives an account of the origins of the consanances of Pythagoras, combining on the page the use of woodblocks and stamps; reproduced from BIBLIOGRAPHICA part IX c.1896.

03 ... typical of the elegance of 18th century titlepages to music scores. Four Sonatas for the Harpsichord, printed in London by the order of the composer's father 1765.

04 John Dowland, The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres , London 1600.




01 The Runaway Shuttle Train, Story by Muriel Fuller and Pictures by Dorathea Dana, David McKay Company, Washington Square, Philadelphia, 1946. The story began as The Lost Shuttle Train in 1941. Each page measures 17 x 24cms.

02 comparing Beethoven's manuscript drafting with the printed version


03 Roget's 6 Flute Sonatas Paris 1739, and a masterpiece of rocaille decoration and lettering.

04 Johann Sebastian Bach , Sonata and Partita for Violin , MS and a fine example of the density of immaculate information shown in a Bach autograph score.

Bickham's Musical Entertainer

01.02.03,04. 05 London 1736 - 1740. "the most beautifully ornamented music book ever published..."


01, 02. 03 Clio and Euterpe or British Harmony A Collection of Celebrated Songs and Cantatas page size 14 x 22 cms

04 T. de Grandville reproduced in Karl Storck, Musik und Musiker.. . c1910.

05 anonymous handcoloured engraving from unknown book about the East - Persian music in notation and arrangement of wind instruments



01 Harper's Second Book of Ayres 1652

02 de la Rue, Mass, 1759

03 Burtius, Musices Opusculum, 1487



"Music Engraving" by George Newman, Typographia No 4 1950

see also A.Hyatt King Four Hundred Years of Music Printing The British Library, London 1979