row 01 Paris Garters, October 1942, Keep your sox up without Letting Your Country Down; The American Gas Industry, advertisement by George Giusti October 26 1942, baking a gun turret; Split second timing and Camel Cigarettes October 26 1942; It's you that are building the Tanks, American Locomotive November 2 1942

row 02 The Seeing Eye of the Invisible Crew, Bendix, October 12 1942; American Aviation, What! An Artist's Model Building a Bomber ? October 19 1942; War needs the Wires this Christmas. Bell Telephone, November 7 1942; Cannon Towels, A Merry Terry Christmas November 7 1942

row 03 Model Smoking Tobacco, Never made a Pipe Slug Nutty, December 7 1942; Milky Way,MMM... Boy I'm Strong for Milky Ways, December 2 1942; Nash Kelvinator, An Engine by Nash November 16 1942; Pepsodent Toothpaste, Don't Waste the Pepsodent, November 16 1942