Versatile as Nature's Designs, Alcoa 1962

BLAW KNOX and the Voice of Radio, 1945

Concrete for a Penthouse, United Engineers, 1961 by Robert Lavin

IN an Oil Refinery a BTU is King, American Blower 1953 signed [Frank] Soltesz

He Builds the Bridge Between the Two, Dietzgen, 1949 signed RUDI

Your Life Insurance Premiums are Making Jobs, Mutual Life 1958 Ronald McLeod

It has to be Big, Dietzgen , the Delaware memorial Bridge, 1953

California's First Big Furnace , Consolidated Steel 1943

The Indispensible Partner of Industry, Gulf Refining 1934 signed ?...norath

The Character of a Company shapes the Service it Renders, Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp., Peter Helck date unknown

Is an Ore Bridge News. Dietzgen, April 1948

It Takes a Lot of Pipe to Handle Petroleum, The National Supply Company c1949 signed John Howard