in Manning Hall, Making Faces (single)

in Al Capp's LI'L ABNER c 1956 (single) achievng a likeness

Bob Hope's Face, as Big as Life (with Panda) RCA May 1945


The great man appears bearing a huge range of consumables. Bob Hope only looks like himself from one profile, so a certain amount of face reversal is employed to sustain characterisation.

top row

01 Chesterfield Cigarettes July 1947 22 x 29cms
02 Remington Electric Shavers, December 1948 22 x 29cms
03 California Cling Peaches May 1950 8 x 20cms
04 BOB HOPE comic 1958      
05 on location  

bottom row

06 American Dairy Association May 1954 14 x15cms
07 Parker Pens December 1957 22 x 29cms
08 Page & Shawe Chocolates May 1955 18 x 20cms
09 announcing the LOOK awards for Outstanding Achievements in the Motion Picture Industry for 1946