The catalogue measures 18.5 x 25cms.

Leonard Appleby, One-Man Band

John Armstrong, Storm

Michael Ayrton, The Captive Seven

Francis Bacon, Painting

Keith Baynes, Hop-Picking, Rye

Vanessa Bell, The Garden Room

Elinor Bellingham Smith, The Island

Martin Bloch, Down from Bethseda Quarry

Edward Burra, Judith and the Holofernes

Prunella Clough, Lowestoft Harbour

Robert Colquhoun, Figure Painting

Raymond Coxon, The Vale of Chiron

Roger de Grey, The Open Window

Roy de Maistre, Noli Me Tangere

R.O.Dunlop, Burpham, Sussex

H.E. Du Plessis, The Garden

Merlyn Evans, The Meeting

Hans Feibusch, The Prodigal Son

Lucien Freud , Interior Near Paddington

William Gear, Autumn Landscape

W.G.Gillies, The Studio Table

Lawrence Gowing, Intruders in a Wood

Duncan Grant, The Arrival of the Italian Comedy

Josef Herman, South Wales

Patrick Heron, Christmas Eve

Ivon Hitchins, Aquarian Nativity, Child of this Age

Hewnry Lamb, Night Life

Lynton Lamb. Gravel Pit Sandon

Perter Lanyon, Porthleven

Louis de Brocquy, Woman and Bird

L.S.Lowry, Industrial Landscape, River Scene

Robert Macbryde, Figure and Still Life

Frances Macdonald, Welsh Singer

Charles Mahoney, The Garden

John Maxwell, The Trellis

Robert Medley, Bicyclists against a bliue background

John Minton, Jamaican Landscape

Rodrigo Moynihan, Portrait Group

John Nash, Afon Craseor, North Wales

Ben Nicholson, Still Life

Winifred Nicholson, Fowl that Fly in the Firmament

Victor Pasmore, The Snowstorm; Spiral Motif in Black and White

Ceri Richards, Trafalgar Square London

Claude Rogers, Miss Lynne

William Scott, Still Life

Matthew Smith, Still Life Composition

Ruskin Spear, The River in Winter

Gilbert Spencer, Hebridean Memory

Geoffrey Tibble, Theatre

Julian Trevelyan, Blast Furnaces

John Tunnard, Return

Keith Vaughan, Interior at Minos

Carel Weight, "As I wend to the Shores..."

Bryan Wynter, Blue Landscape