A. Stained glass by Leonard Walker; Harold and Phoebe Stadler, Della Robbisa Figure for the Kensington Infirmary.Poole Pottery at the British Industries Fair. Stand for The Cabinet Maker by Constance Irving and M.McLeish

B. Grimmond Labels for Simon Son and Company. Booklet for Weir and Hamilton, Glasgow. Dora Batty illustration for Carson's of Glasgow chocolate manufacturers. Anon illustration for Earlywarm Blankets. Illustration for Lotus and Delta Shoes.Four advertisements for Edward Harland of Bradford.

C. Underground posters by by Burrell and Kearley. by Ruth Collingridge, by F.Beard and Lionel Edwards, by G.E.Turner. Roadside sign for Staples Mattress.Poster by McKnight Kauffer for the British Empire Exhibition and LNER poster by Herrick.Certificate of Merit by Edgar H.Roberts.

D. Herrick illustration for the LCC. London Underground poster by Miss Fawkes. Underground poster by Shep, and Charles W.Baker's poster for the for the opening of the Camden Town Juntion. Nevinson's poster for the London General Omnibus and Underground poster by M.A.Carter.

E. Two decorative panels by Cayley Robinson for the Lomndon Underground. Two posters for London Museums by McKnight Kauffer. Kauffer Tramwat poster. Dorothy Hutton for the London Underground. Dora Batty poster for the London Underground.