Chris Mullen'Collection of Colour Books

dedicated to the memory of John Gage

Charles Martel, The Principles of Colouring adapted from Chevreul, contents only , 1855
GRANT ALLEN, THE COLOUR SENSE an essay in comparative psychology 1879, CHAPTER STRUCTURE
GEORGE FIELD,GRAMMAR OF COLOURING 1858 (Table of Pigments 10 sections)


Edouard Fer, Solfege de la Couleur, 1953
John Gorham, The Rotation of Coloured Disks, 1861
John Bacon, Theory of Colouring, 1872
M.E.Chevreul, Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, 1860
Ogden Rood, Modern Chromatics, 1879
A. Marques, The Human Aura, 1896
THE ABC of COLOUR undated c1948
H.Hartridge, Colours and How We see them, 1949
Beatrice Irwin, The New Science of Colour, 1916
Major R.Nickle, Light and Colour,1889
Mungo Ponton, The Material Universe 1873
Make-Up for Stage and Screen, the Leichner Method
George Hurst, Colour, 1900

C.W.Leadbeater, The Chakras, 1927


Annie Besant and C.W.Leadbeater, Thought Forms
Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, Man Visible and Invisible, 2nd ed.1920 (1902)
A.Wallace Rimington, Colour-Music, 1911
Briggs of Manchester, wool samples for sale

Robert Vicon, Manuel Theoretique et Pratique D'Etalagisme, Paris 1955.

Charles Henry Cercle Chromatique Paris 1889, the Chromatic Circle, one image
Rouget de Lisle Chromagraphie, Paris 1838, the Chromatic Table
Charles Hayter, Introduction to Perspective etc 1845


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The images are selected to give you some idea of how principles are explained visually in a book. Wherever possible, I include the Contents Page and Bibliography.