Bernard Partidge (1864-1945) is best known for his PUNCH cartoons, invariably mechanistic responses to the political issues of the day, seldom innovatory, usually drawn in a characteristically tepid spirit. When he was in his late twenties, the lack of the specific, and the challenging of the basic propotypes had already set in. Howver his drawings suit magificently the text and spirit of Jerome's wry and witty book, identifying the basic characterisation to be encountered on the Englsih Stage of the late nineteenth century. Jerome's initial taxonomy is well worth study, as is his dogged tracing of the root behaviour of each character. By implication he draws attention to the dullness of the metier. Partridge's drawings, for once, are highly appropriate, not teased into the grotesque but accurate to the inch. Finishing the book I felt an extraordinary heaviness and despair which achieved a great intensity.