Ludwig Hohlwein (1874 -1949 )

poster by Hohlwein for the Ludendorff Fund for Wounded Servicemen 1918

The first great professional German poster artist and graphic designer, working extensively and prolifically in Munich until 1944. He worked for many clients including the Nazi government. He died in Berchtesgarten in 1949. He was a master of drawing and synthesising from photographs. He excelled at balancing forms and colours on a decorative surface. His heavier style in the late 30's was an attempt at manipulation of the surface, to make his designs more painterly. His work still awaits a sensible historian. Below is a selection from a Calendar Book from the height of his fame. It shows his painterly style, and the more stylised elements used on matt paper and set in text.

Kalender für Haus Und Heimat (Calendar for House and Home), Munich 1929, paper cover and glossy paper illustrations. Each page measures 19 x 25 cms

brochure for Koblenz 1929

brochure for German Railways 1936

poster for Tonic Wine 1920