Hardie Gramatky (born 19007) was particularly associated with working in watercolour."My theory was a simple one. I figured that the more you painted the more of a master of your medium you became; so that when you really had something to say, you said it directly without having to consider the medium." He had initially studied English at University but found his vocation at the Chouinard Institute. He preferred drawing en plein air but worked at the Disney Studios as a comic book artist and animator. He bcame a freelance artist and moved to New York in 1936. His big success was the creation of Little Toot, explored in several books over the years.

During the Second World War he worked on training films for the Navy. He was a successful commercial and editorial illustrator , dying in 1972. His last book was Little Toot and the Loch Ness Monster, completed by his wife and daughter for publication in 1989.

Loopy is my favourite - brushwork with huge panache and a compositional assurance that reflects his professional experiences with the Disney Studies. I always suspect an illustrator's easy anthropomorphism, but love the way he has characterised a skywriting aeroplane.