Domenico Gnoli (1933-1970)

On of the most unjustly neglected illustrators of this century, an imaginative, intense and technically gifted artist, Gnoli is mainly represented in Libraries by his magnum opus, Orestes or The Art of Smiling the story to which he also wrote. (NY 1961), page size 25 x33cms.
He also illustrated a Modern Bestiary. 02 and as an example of the hatching he employs - 03 above is a detail and 01 a pen and ink drawing of a street scene in New Orleans published in GRAPHIS 122 1965


FORTUNE magazine, Cape Canaveral June 1962. Gnoli lived in New York from 1955 to 1962, working as an exhibiting painter. The art director, Leo Lionni, showed a preference for employing Italian painters on reportage assignments, and in Gnoli's case the choice was inspired, seeing at Cape Canaveral a world of teeming humanity slaving at the face of technological dynamism. No machine sublime here.

GRAPHIS article, 1963.

single, A Journal of the Plagsue Year 1968