Stefan Eggeler

1894 -1969




Illustrations for Hanns Heinz Ewers's Die Herzen der Könige 1922
The Walpurgisnacht Portfolio (six etchings after Gustav Meyrinks) 1922
Die Drei Freier, The Three Suitors after Levin Schücking, SIX ETCHINGS 1920
after Schnitzler's Reigen, 1921, ten etchings
Reigen, 1921, cover and documentation
Die Seuche der Pestilenz c1920, a portfolio of seven prints


The Vagabond, etching, date unknown 34.5 x 45



A member of the Vienna school of Fantastic Art, Stefan Eggeler (1894-1969) is best known as a printmaker, publishing portfolios and creating book illustrations from about the start of WWI through the 30s, his work output declining with the rise of Fascism. His diminutive etchings, often issued in series, show inspiration from James Ensor and Egon Schiele among others.


Many thanks to Michael T. Ricker who has contributed enormously to this celebration of the artist's work.