A great and prolific illustrator, scandalously ignored by the official historians of American Illustration who just aren't comfortable with his way of reflecting the world in paint.

01 "Thanksgiving is a State of Mind", advertisement for The Prudential Insurance Company, November 1950 22 x 23cms

02 "One of the Great Moments of your Life...Your New Home", advertisement for Massachusetts Mutual October 1950. 22 x 23cms.

03 "His pen inspired a nation's boys" an invocation of Horatio Alger, an advertisement for John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. , May 1950 18 x 24cms.

04 The Saturday Evening Post reported in December 1947 that there was an imposter who called himself Dohanos the SEP illustrator. "To help catch a phony, Dohanos had himself mugged. Here he is."




Saturday Evening Post cover the Dishes, January 1949

SEP cover March 1947 choosing a colour

SEP cover April 1949 after church