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Rolf Brandt 1906 - 1986 settled in the UK in 1933, familiar with European modernism, through studying at Ozenfant's School in Paris. His own take on Gothick added a welcome spiky version of the macabre that is endemic in German illustration. His illustrative career seemed to have been stunted after the bankruptcy of Westhouse, and he taught for many years at the London School of Printing. He appears regularly in his brother Bill's photographs.

Tom Eckersley (who was very fond of him) urged me to get in touch and for a minute I talkjed over the phone. Sure, he said, come along and let's talk when you get back from your holiday. He died before I could call again. I was in touch with his family recently when I sold them a book he had illustrated.


the 1988 APPARITIONS EXHIBITION, the South Bank Centre, biographical and bibliographic information

the 2004 exhibition, England & co.




Graphis 15 1946