If Christ Walked through your town today c1959, The New Testament in Modern English advertised


David M.Cook and Craig G.Swauger, The Small Town in American Literature, a Casebook Anthology, Dodd Mead and Co., New York 1969 - contents, bibliography and (best of all) suggested areas for research. Much recommended this.




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row 03 Hammersmill Paper March 1952; Republic Steel June 1956 ; Millville NJ Augut 1951

row 04 Alison Chalmers June 1953 ; Olin November 1966

row 05 Home Town Folks, August 1947; Goodyear Tires October 1960 ; Ford advert by Norman Rockwell March 1953

row 06 Main Street July 1956; Street Scene October 1946; Flushing Main Street Hans Namuth 1965; Richmond, street scene February 1945

row 07 New Yorker cover February 1985; Steven Dohanos cover, September 1951. To FORTUNE magazine July 1954