There is a PhD to be found in analysis of the ways that processed meat is visualised for the consuming public. While avoiding the Viscera and the Blood letting, the artist/photographer must make an appetising field of meatballs, stew, hash, ravioli and suchlike, with just the right glaze, texture, and colorising. One mistake and it is triumph for the Vegetarians.Hence the joy of the cross-section oif the meat loaf/slab. The little bits held in suspension.

The usual format is the food still ife, the slab occasionally tempered in its corporeality by tufts of parsley or a cranial cailflower. All the more unusual the Fantasy Visitor to the Man's Club delicately hovering over the Corned Beef Hash. There are no secrets in this Sanctum. Hash it is.With a slice of hard boiled egg and a parsley sprig. The black waiter has an ornamental bread on his shoulder.