Scamozzi's guidebook to the city of Vicenza is couched in the unusual form of a dialogue, and illustrated by folding engraved plates of characteristic architectural features. Scamozzi was born in the city and his creative work, steeped in the tradition of Palladio, is widley associated with Vicenza. He was a fashionable source of information among Grand Tourists, and his buildings immensely influential among the English and American Palladians. Given the evidence of the superb folding thirty six engravings richly ornamenting the book, it is possible to see why Scamozzi's Guide Book was also influential on theatre design. The plates are engraved by Cristoforo Dall' Acqua. The buildings are mainly chosen from the work of Palladio but also those by Scamozzi and other local architects. The printed page size is 23.5 x 16 cms. There is a second edition also published in 1780 and a third in 1804.