Meduna, Vita... bound with Buonriccio, Le Pie et Christiane Parafraci Sopra L'Evangelio di San Giovanni, 1568 in a binding dubiously attributed to Roger Payne. The selection above makes no distinction yet between the two works, but in due course will do the decent by each publication.

William Beckford (1760 - 1844) novelist and collector whose magnificent collection of books and art were housed at his gargantuan architectural folly, Fonthill Abbey. Kevin Berland of Penn State has initiated the Beckford Project, and writes on the Home Page,"At Fonthill Abbey, he assembled a truly amazing library, the best part of which he took with him to Bath when he was compelled to sell the Abbey in 1823. Around forty years after his death in 1844, his books, kept separately in the Hamilton Palace Library, were sold by Sotheby. The auction lasted for forty days spread out in three parts over several months, the nearly 11,000 titles bringing in sales receipts of £74,000."