Aficionados of typography adore the basic relationship between the size of the type and the size of the overall book, often sensing from dubious evidence an innate harmony and grace. Scoloker's IUST RECKONYNGE is a dapper little book (scale up from my prtruding fingers) with black letters of huge vigour and boldness on the page. It just hums in its attackl.

Scoloker (perhaps Scholoker) was a printer and translator who had left England in exile during the reign of Henry VIII, returning with the accession of Edward VI to found his printing business at Savoy Rents outside Temple Bar, producing editions of Skelton and Piers Plowman, and a translation of Hans Sachs. A similar compression of Biblical texts to IUST RECKONYNGE is A Briefe Summe of the whole Bible. A Christian instruction for all persones younge and old, to which is annexed the ordinary for all degrees. Translated out of Doutch into Englysshe by Anthony Scoloker, London, 1568, 8vo