William Bradford (1780-1857) was the Chaplain to the British Army in the Peninsula Wars against Napoleon, He furnished basic sketches to the artist I.Clark who polished them up for publication in hand coloured aquatints to be sold in 24 parts for ten shillings and six pence each by Booth between 1809 and 1810. The page size is 37 x 26 cms.Some of the captions lead to the original text by Bradford.

1. Interior of the Cathedral at Salamanca.

2. titlepage with ghostly impression of the plate opposite ('offsetting' is the exact term) , a recurring feauture throughout the publication, despite the intervening tissues.

3. ALIEJOS, a town in the plains of Leon.

4. View between Constantin and Nogales.

5. Car of Portuguese Estremadura.

6. Environs of Lisbon and Aqueduct of Alacantra.

7. Pass between Nisa and Villa Velha.

8. Spanish Military Costume.

9. Dancers.

10 Uniforms of the Lisbon Police Guard and an Armed Peasant of Algarva.