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Matila Ghyka, The Geometry of Art and Life, Sheed and Ward, New York, 1946.

"If drawing is the art of giving one's ideas of the forms of nature, then all criticism of drawing must be based upon the question, "How far does such and such a work show an intimate knowledge of or intelligent visualisation of of the forms we know in nature ?" and no other principle of judgment can be applicable to all drawing alike. " Encyclopaedia Britannica 1910/1911.

"Drawing is the probity of art..." the French painter J.A.D.Ingres

"From the age of six I began to draw, and for eighty-four years I have worked independently of the schools, my thoughts all the time being tuned towards drawing." the Japanese artist, Hokusai.

"The first thing to seize in an object, in order to draw it, is the contrast of the principal lines. Before putting chalk to paper, get this well into the mind...." the French painter Eugene Delacroix.