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Amir meets a Dragon



         Amir stood outside his restaurant. He did not know that this day was going to be so interesting. Everywhere was normal: it was a lovely summer morning, and he hummed to himself as he walked indoors to make sure eeverything was right for his customers. Then one of his waitresses rushed in. ‘Please, she said, ‘You need to look at this!’ So, somewhat mystified, he walked outside to have a look. And then he stood still, cpmpletely speechless..

         Outside, sitting rather uncomfortably on two chairs rather uneasily brought together, was a dragon. Not a huge one, but still quite large. It was green, with a scaly skin, and a large snout, that every now and again snorted smoke. It was about twelve feet tall, not too big as far as dragons go, but still big enough, and still quite large. It was green, with a scaly skin, and a large snout, that every now and again snorted smoke. It was about twelve feet tall, not too big as far as dragons go, but still big enough. Amir went up to him. ‘Hallo, dragon’ he said somewhat carefully ‘What can I get you?’

         The dragon looked at him and said, very politely, ‘ I would like a very gog bowl of your delicious cappuchino , if you don’t mind. ‘ That’s fine’ said Amir. ‘I’ll bring it to you as soon as I can’ ‘Thank you’ said the dragon.

         Amir hurried into the kitchen. ‘Quickly,give me a very big bowl of cappuchino’ Everybody looked worried. ‘ Why such a big bowl?’ they asked. ‘Don’t ask’ replied Amir. ‘It’s for a dragon’. He left them feeling rather confused. Then they looked out of the window and saw what he meant. So they bustled around and made a huge bowl of hot, steaming cappuchino, and then one the waitresses brought it out to the dragon. She felt very frightened, but she was reassured when the dragon greeted her politely, and thanked her. He began to drink it with pleasure, and then set it down on the table. ‘Where is the owner?’ he asked the waitress. ‘I would like  to speak to him.’ ‘Certainly,’ said the waitress. ‘I’ll ’find him for you’.

         She hurried off to fin Amir to tell him. Amir went out to see the dragon, somewhat full of trepidation. He was not sure what the dragon would say to him. But to his surprise, the dragon laughed and smiled, showing as he did, a very large mouth of razor-sharp teeth. ‘I liked your cappuchino. Here let me pay for it’. And brought out money from a bag he had, hanging from his side. ‘I come from a country very far away from here’ he said. ‘It is not far from China. But I am a Siamese dragon, and therefore rather different. I have had many adventures in my life, and one day I will tell you about them. About glorious combats with pirates, about having trouble with merchant adventurers, and, indeed,  with other dragons as well. But those are going to be other stories. I am, as a dragon, a bit of a wit and scholar. I studied many things about philosophy. I know the  works of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras. And I know’  he said with a knowing wink, ‘about you and your human race’.

         Amir said, ‘ what do you know about us? Are you coming to attack us?’

‘Oh, no’ said the dragon, hastily. ‘ Because you don’t know us, you don’t know us at all. But we are friends of humans. We are, if you like, guardians. We keep the peace, and protect all those who need our help. There are many of us and we look after people such as yourself and others like you. We are here as friends. We will never harm you. You see, we are good dragons. We look after people. There many evil dragons in this world, and there are many evil people. And I know that in your mythology that dragons are always seen as evil. It is not true. We look after all peoples. We care about them. It is our duty’.

         Amir paused for a moment. Then he said ‘Will you come back?’ The dragon simply replied ‘Yes. And next time I will  bring a lot of my friends’’

He looked at Amir’s worried expression and said ‘ Don’t worry. They are  very well-behaved and will not give you any trouble. You should be pleased to have dragons here. It is good for business’. And the dragon laughed, and as he did, spouts of fire came from his nostrils. People in the  street looked worried. ‘Don’t worry, Amir. I ‘m leaving now. I hope to see you soon. But I have work to do. Take  care and best wishes.

         And then before Amir could say anything, the dragon stood up, and opened his huge wings. They almost filled the street. And then  he took off, and gradually  flew into the sky. Amir looked behind him. There were all his staff. They were waving to the dragon, saying good-bye. Amir waved too. And then they all quietly went indoors, to get on with their work . But Amir stayed outside for a while. Strangely, he missed the dragon, and wanted to meet it again. ‘I hope it will come back. I never even got to know it’s name’.

Frank Jackson (11/09/06)