Report on certain manifestations within psychic experiments between individuals living in close proximity, 2018, over a period of three days. The Society for Psychical Research

Redacted version.

MILIEU, An isolated house in three acres of ground, abutting the Old Consistency Fallows and leading down to the Coast at the Point of the Natural Pool.

HISTORY Credited historically with MINOR manifestations and turbulences. Previously examined 1932 by Harry Creke, and in 1902 by Cecil Shrupp. We hold approx. 224 original photographs and 3 shellac disks of ambient sounds.

PARTICIPANTS The inhabitants all agreed to participate after careful negotiations that assured them of minimum publicity, and that subsequent publications would retain their anonymity. The participants share the property in common having pursued their respective trade together for 23 years. Not unnaturally, the conclusions speculate on the aspects of their shared relationship that could have impinged upon our findings. This will be redacted in the final report.

Subject 1 ; female, of an athletic build with a natural propensity for humour and possessing a singularly cynical perception of Society’s structure.  Occupation, Pedagogue of the Visual, and maintenance of cash tills and slot machines  (CODE PRUDENCE, pseud)

Subject 2 ; female, of slight supple build , noted for her fleeting step in terpsichorean mode with celebrated skills in card sharping and badminton. Occupation, painter and decorator of the editorial with skills in water engineering and ormolu. (CODE FELICITY , pseud)

Subject 3 ; male, of a heavy build  and a confused mien when in groups of four or over. Our Obserner noted that he tendeds to fuse the combative with a sentimentality that is a prism through which his (many) pronouncements must be viewed. A Pedagogue of sorts,  details of which we were unable to establish with any degree of certainty.  (CODE PIERRE, pseud)

Subjects 1 to 3 sustain a small colony of pets, a cat, a dog, and a small silent parrot. They all have links to the profession of Art, deliberations of which occupy much of their thoughts and interactions. There are indications that they were familiar with each other well before our records would suggest. All three inhabitants maintain studios in the Premises, two of which only are in working order. The third studio is kept locked despite our stated requirements.

Their experiences were first publicised in a talk given by Pierre to the local Rotarians, details of which he disputes but which was documented in the Society’s Biennial Papers in session 2005-6.

“..... Dr. Pierre claimed that, given his antecedents and bloodline, he found, despite himself, prone to curious visitations and impressions that foretold the future. He let slip to our Investigator that he always knew the winner of the 3.15 at Sandown the minute he woke up. He would turn to his nearest companion and say “Closet Clam”, “Bartleby” or “Fizzy Biscuit”. His utterances were spasmodic and seemed unassociated with that present moment. Only later in the day would Prudence or Felicity overhear the radio commentaries and be astonished at the phenomenon of foresight. Furthermore he would deny having ever heard of Fizzy Biscuit. “I have never made a penny out of my unusual powers,” he was heard to say, and we assumed that by that. he meant his visions of the Future..... “

What compounded this situation was that once our participants had moved into the House, their very presence seemed to disturb the status quo, ruffle the accepted norms of a partly derelict dwelling house, already prone to unaccountable visitations.

1. 21.4.79 (Western Mail) an Irish pedlar carrying a silver pail was seen to walk through the closed door of the dairy.

2. 4.16.2001 (Litotes ) Goldfish were released into the Fish Pond and never seen again.

3. 6.12. 2115 (Coastal Times) at dusk, a Pangolin was seen to cross the upper lawn, followed by a child with a glowing wand.

The Investigators were invited to witness and tabulate two exercises by Pierre in Cerebral and Cheiromantic practice, with Prudence’s bumps and Felicity’s outstretched palm.  



Felicity and Pierre sat opposite each other. I was satisfied that the tone of the encounter was serious although the lack of lighting suggested a possible dissimulation. Their mutual attitude was one of sober restraint. The table had a baize surface and, at our suggestion, was not covered with a table cloth. Our observer sat across the room with notepad. He was asked by Pierre that, on no account was he to interject, and that his presence was purely that of an Observer.

Felicity extended her left hand with palm down, holding it for several seconds above the table surface.  She drew her linen sleeve back with an amused glance at the Observer. Opening a small metallic container, Pierre coated his forefinger tip with a tawny liquid intended to sharpen contact, and slowly rubbed it into the back of Felicity’s hand. She counted under her breath and then announced she was ready to turn.

Pierre carefully cleaned his finger and nodded. “Then turn…” They both seemed surprised that her fingers immediately curled back to the palm.(see diagram beneath) ”It’s not going to be easy today, I fear.”  Slowly the central forefinger extended to the delight of Pierre. “That’s enough to be going on with, and we might even get a visitation. “



Prudence suggested to the Observer he was in luck. Pierre stared intently at the palm.

“ So much better than last time, dear…. A vast improvement , the sea line is strengthened, the cusp of opportunity has shifted to the right, and your buoyancy is almost unrecognisable.”

“As I suspected…, ”she responded. They both leaned nearer at an unaccountable glow beginning to emanate from the hand. Our Observer noted that there was a distinct chill in the room.  The glow began to extend beyond skin level and radiate vertically for about six inches. When it reached its apparent zenith, the body of the apparition began to scintillate and pulse. What began in saffron turned its vibrations into azure.  Pierre slowly withdrew his hand, and imperceptibly at first, the beginnings of a cubic block solidified in the veil of colour. “You have surpassed yourself, dear!”

The block flattened to a slab of white evanescence and to the delight of the participants, it began to turn slowly in space, “It’s coming through, just look.”

The white slab began to curl at the corners, and a layer of red/yellow opacity spread over its surface, in a state of slow agitation.

Felicity, it seems, had reached her limit and fell back into the chair. Pierre passed her a glass of water. “That’s the first cheese on toast you’ve ever managed. This calls for a celebration.”

Our Observer made careful notes and to this day, declared the visitation of Welsh rarebit was genuine and without any credible explanation, obviously not the product of fraudulent practice. It was noticed later that Felicity had made mention of her achievement on a list of Transferable Skills.