Artists:Various artists from the workshop Title: Judas del 91 Date: 1991 Medium: Linoleum cuts/scratchboard/linecuts, some in two colors, with type. Edition: Unknown
Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted Paper/impression quality: Good impressions on typical low quality paper. Image dimensions: Various Sheet dimensions: 14.9" x 11.2" when closed Prignitz numbers: Not listed in Prignitz which lists no Judas papers. Reference: Prignitz, related to the calavera newspapers on pages 369-376. Description: It is uncertain how long the Judas newspapers ran, or when they started. The collection holds them from three consecutive years. This one shows Judas effigies on the cover including George H.W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterand and others with bombs and jets in red all around them. For this paper, only the cover is in two colors and the interior illustrations are somewhat sparse in comparison to previous issues. The indictments are no less harsh.