Artists:Various artists from the workshop Title: Judas del 90 Date: 1990 Medium: Linoleum cuts/scratchboard/linecuts, some in two colors, with type. Edition: Unknown
Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted Paper/impression quality: Good impressions on typical low quality paper. Image dimensions: Various Sheet dimensions: 14.0" x 11.4" when closed Prignitz numbers: Not listed in Prignitz which lists no Judas papers. Reference: Prignitz, related to the calavera newspapers on pages 369-376. Description:This Judas newspapers presents George H.W Bush on the cover withVioleta Chamorro and Endara as apparent conspirators in South America. Many of the other figures included are embellished with tails and horns. Some are rendered with the attached fireworks that are used on the large Judas effigies burned in Mexico during Holy Week.