Artists:Various artists from the workshop Title: Judas del 89 Date: 1989 Medium: Linoleum cuts/scratchboard/linecuts, some in two colors, with type. Edition: Unknown Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted Paper/impression quality: Good impressions on typical low quality paper. Image dimensions: Various Sheet dimensions: 14.0" x 11.4" when closed Prignitz numbers: Not listed in Prignitz which lists no Judas papers. Reference: Prignitz, related to the calavera newspapers on pages 369-376. Description:The Judas newspapers are somewhat of a counterpoint to the calavera papers. While the calavera papers show heros and villains as skeletons, the implications here are more serious since any included are, on some level, being compared to Judas Iscariot. One shows the moral implications of actions in consideration of the certitude of death while the other proposes an almost inevitible indictment. It would be reasonable to presume that these were published for release during Holy Week when oversize effigies of Judas are burned in many places in Mexico.The cover 'villains' are presented as Judas effigies.