Savery, etching, The Uprooted tree
Theodore Rousseau, Trees, etching, undated
R.L.West, Study of a Tree, pen litho 1802
Henry Moore, Tree, etching 1979
George Dillis, The Rotting Trunk, etching 1793

Philip Hackert, View near La Cava, etchings of Naples 1779
J.B.Corot, Trees, etching, date unknown
Alfred Parsons, Elms, c1898
John Crome, etching c1812
J.Havell, Landscape with Trees, pen litho, 1804
C.Kolbe, Palamon’s Oak, etching 1798

Strutt, Silva Britannica, Portraits of Forest Trees, 1826
Hans Lautensack, Landscape with Willow, etching undated
Rembrandt, St.Jerome with Lion, etching 1642
Seghers, Country Road, undated
Rembrandt, The Three Oaks, etching

Rembrandt, The Three Trees
The Tree Man after J.Bosch, etching
Hans Lautensack, Two Pines and Church, etching 1533


M.E.Cotman, etching 1832-5

E.Shepard, The Beeches, PUNCH 1950

William Todd, A Large Beech Tree in Pen Wood , Bucks, drawn from Life 1766

Dragon's Blood Tree, Tenerife as measured by Humboldt

A Monstewr Banyan Tree in South Sudan