01 Titlepage to Edward Hawes, Trayterous Percyes & Catesbys prosopopeia , Stafford, London 1606.

02 Antonio de Sousa de Macedo, Lusitania Liberata ,published in London in 1645 as a support to the claim of the Duke of Braganza to the title of John IV of Portugal. The elaborate and hermetic titlepage is the work of the engraver John Droeshout.

03 Titlepage to the sumptuously printed text of the Royal Law of Frederick III, King of Denmark, in 1665 , Lex Regia det er; Den Souveraine Konge-lov ,Copenhagen 1709. A rampaging elephant with troop carrier thunders across the bottom panel.  

Hobbes' Leviathan 1651

Cortes second letter to Emperor Charles V 1522

Sir Anthony Law, an early English law book, perhaps printed by Wynken de Worde, 1516

PIETRO CHIARI, titlepage to his L'Isole delle Fortuna, a utopian work of 1774