Row 01 Douglas Morison, Saxe-Coborg Gotha Ducal palace 1846; Luca Carlevaris, Venice 1705; N.Lefebvre-Durufle. Portes de Normandie 1823-5; H.C.Zeitz, Lubeck, 1822

Row 02 David Roberts, Picturesque Sketches in Spain 1837; Turner’s Views of Scotland for J.P.Lawson 1847-54; and again; Overbeke, Antiquities of Rome 1708; Matthhias Merien, Westphalia c1675

Row 03 Antonio Canaletto, left hand section of S.Giustina in Pra della Vale and right hand section; Matthhias Merien, Alsace 1644; Thomas Shotter Boys, Piccadilly, 1842

Row 04 Joseph Nash, Mansions of England in the Olden Times 1869-1872
; Durer, St.Anthony Reading 1515; de Leth, Houses on the Vecht 1719; and another; Robert Kay, Kairo 1840.