Gallery 01 

Row 01, Calvert and Roberts, The Isle of Wight 1846; A. Ney, Holsteen and Lauenborg, 1859; J.C.R.Saint-Non, Naples and Sicily 1781-6; :Louis Cassas, Istrie and Dalmatie 1802;

Row 02 Travers and barraud, New Zealand 1877; Marquis de Girardin, Jardins d’Ermenonville, 1788; G.Lory Voyage Pittoresque, Geneve a Milan, 1819; C.Lembke, Cave formations Erdmanne-Hohle near the Black Forest 1803

Row 03, Rembrandt, The Three Trees; Rembrandt, The Three Oaks; Claes van Beerestejn, Landscape with three oaks; E.T.Coleman, Scenes from the Snow Fields, 1859.

Row 04 G.Lory, Geneva to Milan; Moncel, From Venice to Constantinople 1846; William Orme, Twenty-four Views in Hindoostan 1805; Blondel, Cours d’Architecture 1675-83.

Row 05, Thomas Smith of Derby, Monsal Dale 1743; J.G.Strutt, Sylva Britannica or Portraits of Forest Trees 1826; Baron Gerning, A Picturesque Tour along the Rhine 1820; J.M.W.Turner, Picturesque Views long the South Coast, 1826.