DIAGRAM, ODOURS OF SCENT TRANPOSED INTO MUSICAL SCALES from Margaret Costa. The Story of Scent, Contact Books 1948

THE PIE November 1951 16 x 24cms, and an advert for York Refrigeration. The problem is to draw the hanging aroma as it if it were not an appendage to a face, nor a wisp of visible marsh gas. I do not think this illustrator has avoided these dangers with any great conviction.

COFFEE one of the massive campaign on behalf of the Pan-American Coffee Bureau. Here December 1950 - and a very half-hearted wisp of pungency it is too. 17 x 24cms.

FALSE TEETH, March 1948

HEINZ March 1946 8 x 14cms

Monsanto, Smells that Sell 1947
FAB, the smell of clean linen 1947