Row 01 Beautiful Gardens, Birmingham, Alabama; Bulletin Boards, Chinatown, San Francisco; Boardwalk, Fort Walton, Florida; Earl Furniture.

Row 02 Golden Triangle, The Point, Pittsburgh,Penn; Marysville Ohio; Bluemountain Interchange, Pennsylvania Turnpike; Petrified Logs; Traveler’s Palm,Florida.

Row 03 Clifton’s Pacific Seas, Olive Street, Los Angeles; City Hall Buildings, Passaic NJ; Genesee Valley Park, Rochester NY; Mohican Trail, Catskill Mts; Recruit Reception Centre, Fort Devens, Mass.

Row 04 US Pot Office, West Palm Beach,Florida ; aerial view Greenfield Village,Dearborn; US  Army Air Forces.St Petrsburg Florida; Public Square,Clevelland; Ash Lawn, Charlottesville Va;

Row 05, The Loop Over, Newfound Gap Highway; New York’s Wolrd Fair, Bridge of Wings; monument unknown; Illuminations, Niagara Falls; aquaplaning, Cypress Gardens,Florida.